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Why Is a Professional Home Network Setup Important?

man, woman, and child sitting in front of a laptop while taking a selfie

4 Ways to Ensure Your Smart Home Is Up & Running Effectively

If you've been experiencing connectivity issues, then it's time to reconsider your home network setup. The ISP-provided modem and router just won't cut it if your Frisco, TX, property is filled with smart devices, and it's likely not protecting your personal data as well as you think!

Below are four ways adding an enterprise-grade network from UltraMedia will add peace of mind to your connected lifestyle. 

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What Makes Elan Stand Apart for Your Smart Home Installation?

A couple sitting in their kitchen with a touchscreen tablet on the counter in the forefront featuring an Elan interface.

Bring this Top-Tier Home Control System to Your Property Today

Smart home automation streamlines your entire day, from morning to evening and all throughout the night. But deciding on the right smart home system for your Frisco, TX, property is the first step in upgrading your daily lifestyle.

An Elan home control system stands above the rest. So why is Elan a choice system for your upcoming smart home installation? Keep reading to learn more about the many benefits of this trusted brand.

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Go Beyond Basic Speaker Setups with an Outdoor Speaker System

Two people lounge on chairs in a sunny backyard while a party goes on behind them.

Transform Your Next BBQ or Pool Party with Ramped Up Entertainment from UltraMedia

It's an odd time of year for Texans, weather-wise. Some days you need a jacket, others you bust out the flip flops and shorts. Despite the weather patterns in Frisco, TX, right now, there's no doubt that warmer weather will soon be here to stay! How are you planning to make the most of it?

With an outdoor speaker system, you can elevate your next friendly gathering with yard-encompassing audio that makes TV audio and music sound great from every spot on the property. Keep reading to learn more about some Texas-sized outdoor speaker options you can incorporate. 

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Upgrade Your Backyard with Outdoor Smart Lighting

A backyard setup with seating and covered terrace, illuminated by outdoor smart lighting.

Experience Improved Safety & Curated Ambiance

An illuminated backyard feels like an invitation and a promise for a fun night ahead! Whether you're bringing family and friends out to your patio area to catch up and converse or hosting an outdoor movie night, an upgraded outdoor smart lighting system is key in creating the ultimate backyard atmosphere.

Create a safe and welcoming space for everyone right in your own Frisco, TX backyard. Want to learn more about how lighting can impact this designated environment entirely? Keep reading below for more.

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