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Upgrade Your Backyard with Outdoor Smart Lighting

A backyard setup with seating and covered terrace, illuminated by outdoor smart lighting.

Experience Improved Safety & Curated Ambiance

An illuminated backyard feels like an invitation and a promise for a fun night ahead! Whether you're bringing family and friends out to your patio area to catch up and converse or hosting an outdoor movie night, an upgraded outdoor smart lighting system is key in creating the ultimate backyard atmosphere.

Create a safe and welcoming space for everyone right in your own Frisco, TX backyard. Want to learn more about how lighting can impact this designated environment entirely? Keep reading below for more.

Cozy & Inviting Atmosphere

A darkened, poorly-lit backyard can make anyone turn away and decide to stay indoors. But you want to make the most of your outdoor spaces! Smart lighting fixtures can brighten up your patio and entire premises at just the tap of a button. With a variety of color and dim settings, you can customize your outdoor spaces to appear and feel exactly how you want. The perfect atmosphere for any occasion is one button-press away!

A Safe & Secure Space

A dark backyard is not only uninviting but can also be dangerous! Make your outdoor spaces easily accessible and trekkable with a proper lighting design and setup that keeps walkways illuminated and areas bright enough to traverse without stumbling or tripping in the slightest. The best kind of backyard atmosphere is one everyone can enjoy safely.

Want to find out more about upgrading your outdoor smart lighting to enhance your whole backyard and patio area? Give our team at UltraMedia a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us. We can't wait to hear from you!

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