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Why Is a Professional Home Network Setup Important?

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4 Ways to Ensure Your Smart Home Is Up & Running Effectively

If you've been experiencing connectivity issues, then it's time to reconsider your home network setup. The ISP-provided modem and router just won't cut it if your Frisco, TX, property is filled with smart devices, and it's likely not protecting your personal data as well as you think!

Below are four ways adding an enterprise-grade network from UltraMedia will add peace of mind to your connected lifestyle. 

1. Security

Every device connected to your network is a potential opportunity for cybercriminals to take advantage of your home, identity, and data. Stop them in their tracks with security protocols that ensure you and your family are safe from cyber-attacks and other online threats. 

2. Performance

Improve network performance with commercial-grade solutions that prioritize certain types of traffic. Dropped video conference calls while you work from home are a thing of the past, and you'll never be left waiting in the dark after you flip the switch on a smart LED light. Our specialists configure your router and other network devices for optimal performance, identifying and addressing bottlenecks in your network traffic.

3. Ease of Use

A professional home network shouldn't need a technician's expertise to operate day in and day out. Instead, our team designs your network so it's easy to manage and troubleshoot for yourself. We'll give you all the necessary documentation and train you to use your network. Plus, we also offer ongoing support and maintenance. We're here for you!

4. Scalability

A network designed for today is great, but what if you add additional devices in the future? Our team develops your network for future scalability, designing it to grow as your needs change. Adding more smart home integrations like outdoor lighting or wireless access points will be a breeze with a future-proofed network setup.

Connect with us here to set up a home network consultation today!

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