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What Are the Best Movies to Enjoy Your Surround Sound?

Living room home theater installation with a large screen, floorstanding loudspeakers, and bookshelf speakers.

Get the Most Out of Your Home Theater Installation with These Titles 

Far more than a mere accessory to your home theater, immersive surround sound has the power to redefine movie-watching. However, to truly unlock its potential, you need a professional home theater installation. With expertly calibrated and strategically placed speakers, you're not just watching a movie but living it.  

So, what better way to experience this auditory magic than by diving into movies that make the most of it? Let's explore some films that truly come alive in your Frisco, TX, home when enjoyed with professional 3-dimensional surround sound.

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Top Movies for Surround Sound: A Curated List


The tension and brutal realism in "Dunkirk" earned it the Best Sound Mixing Oscar in 2017. The scene involving the sinking ship is especially gripping, with the roars of planes and the crashing waves making you feel like you're on the beach with the soldiers. 

A Quiet Place

It's tempting to go for big, bombastic movies when showing off your surround sound, but its power also brings out the subtleties in films. And no movie offers a more minimalistic sound design than "A Quiet Place." With every creak and rustle meaning the difference between life and death, it makes for a unique cinematic experience.

Mad Max: Fury Road

The chaos and terror of the wasteland in "Mad Max: Fury Road" are intensified by its sound design, earning an Oscar for sound editing in 2015. The final chase scene, with its crashes and explosions, is visceral and exemplifies the film's wild energy.

While setting up your surround sound system might be tempting, professional installation ensures you get the best audio quality possible. To get the most out of these movies and more, you need a professional's help! Call or fill out a contact form to schedule a consultation with us.  

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