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AV Companies Do More Than Audio/Video

gray sectional sofa facing a wall-mounted TV in a living room overlooking a cityscape.

Streamline Home Life with UltraMedia’s Smart Home Expertise

Throughout North Texas, automation and AV companies are transforming everyday living with sophisticated smart home control systems and audio/video technologies. These innovative solutions offer an unprecedented combination of comfort, convenience, and energy efficiency, all tailored to the modern Frisco homeowner’s needs. Learn what’s possible below.

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Keep Your Home Safe During the Holidays with a Security Camera System

A security camera in focus with a home’s exterior in the background.

Gain Peace of Mind While You’re Traveling

Traveling for the holidays can bring about a slew of worries! A main concern is the safety of your Frisco, TX, property while you’re away. But with a trusted security camera system in place, you can rest assured that your home is in good care.

So, what are the benefits of this surveillance installation? Keep reading for more on how you can make this holiday season carefree for you and your family!

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Enjoy Year-Round Comfort with Motorized Blinds

a contemporary living room with beige seating in front of two windows with motorized blinds installed.

The Four-Season Guide to Motorized Blinds in Frisco, TX

Homeowners are embracing motorized blinds and shades in the heart of Texas and across the country. They’re a modern luxury that promises year-round comfort and one-tap convenience. 

As the seasons finally begin to change, Frisco homeowners have been able to make these innovative window treatments an essential addition to their smart homes. Find out why you should, too, below.

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What Are the Best Movies to Enjoy Your Surround Sound?

Living room home theater installation with a large screen, floorstanding loudspeakers, and bookshelf speakers.

Get the Most Out of Your Home Theater Installation with These Titles 

Far more than a mere accessory to your home theater, immersive surround sound has the power to redefine movie-watching. However, to truly unlock its potential, you need a professional home theater installation. With expertly calibrated and strategically placed speakers, you're not just watching a movie but living it.  

So, what better way to experience this auditory magic than by diving into movies that make the most of it? Let's explore some films that truly come alive in your Frisco, TX, home when enjoyed with professional 3-dimensional surround sound.

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